Evan Salter

Our new Green Industry Greatness blog brings you advice and insights from some of the best that the Green industry has to offer.  This week features Evan Salter from  SiteOne Landscape Supply. I hope you enjoy!

What is the biggest mistake that you see people or companies make?

Lack of training of employees. The most important thing, not only to grow a business but also to be successful, is to have the right people who are properly trained. Those people are either going to make or break a business. I a

m in the mindset of having associates that are experts in the field, or people who have the drive to be the best, and the only way to be the best is through training and hands-on experience.

What is the best way to have happy customers?

This is a two-part answer. (1) Always listening and (2) Being solution oriented.

Taking care of your customers, whether a commercial business or a homeowner, starts with listening to their needs and vision for a project, then making those ideas into reality. It takes two people to say no. If you as an installer tell your customer "no", or "it’s not possible," they will always ask someone else. Make sure that when you are being solution-oriented, it is not a yes/no answer but a new possibility.

What is the best way to drive profitability?

Providing industry-leading customer service, and following that up with great products to get the job done.

What is the best way to drive growth?

Customer Service. Our number one focus is on the customer's experience from the time they walk into the door until their order is completed.

What’s the most exciting thing that you see in the future of the green industry?

New products. A lot of new and exciting things are coming to the green industry from new innovations in chemicals to treat lawns to wireless irrigation controllers that you can use your phone to turn on and off. The world is quickly evolving and the green industry is right there with everyone else.

What is the most important attribute of a leader?

Being a servant leader or leading by example.  Get out there and get your hands dirty. For most of us in this industry, we didn’t want to get to a place where we sit behind a desk all day -- we wanted to be in the field or putting in a good day's work. Don’t let the monotony of the computer bog you down, get out there and show not only your employees but your customers why they either want to work for you or why they hired you.

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