Born with a Silver Spoon

Lou Holtz says he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  Not because they had any money, but because he was taught about personal responsibility.  He was taught that life is about making choices.  He was taught that a commitment to excellence is a choice that he could make.   

Lou took the football program at Notre Dame from the bottom to the top for nine straight years.  His biggest regret is that he thought they could maintain their position once they reached the top.  The second they moved from growth to maintenance, they were on their way out. There's a rule of life that says you're either growing or dying.  A tree, a person, a business, a marriage or a team is either growing or dying.

We all came here with a different set of circumstances,  but each of us can make the choice to make the best of each day and every situation.  We have a choice to pursue excellence in everything we do.  We have a choice to keep pushing, to raise the bar, to keep growing.  The rule of life is that you are either growing or dying, and the choice is yours.

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