Quick Straw From Coast to Coast

I am completely amazed at how much the pine straw industry has been constrained with the loosely stacked bales versus our new ability to ship on pallets.   Before Quick Straw, the minimum order of pine straw was not only a full trailer (1,400+ bales) but in many cases you had to unload the full trailer -- which is a full day laborious process.

This week, we are shipping Quick Straw to Colorado, Michigan, Texas and West Virginia just to name a few.  Now that pine straw can be shipped Coast to Coast by the pallet, here are a few benefits to pine straw that you may not have considered:

1) Pine Straw is the only all natural ground cover.  It falls from the tree naturally each year and would otherwise go to waste.  Every conventional wood mulch requires countless trees be harvested, transported to a mulch yard and ground with heavy equipment.   

2) Pine Straw is substantially cheaper per square ft than conventional wood mulch. One of our Quick Straw bags covers up to 100 square feet, which is the same as one full yard of wood mulch.  The average yard of mulch costs between $35-45 per yard to the consumer.  This is on average 3-4 times as expensive as Quick Straw per ft. 

If you haven't tried pine straw before due to the previous shipping constraints, I encourage you to give it a try.  It is now available from Coast to Coast!

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