The Future of Pine Straw

Today we are in Chicago at the Ace Hardware show debuting our newest pine straw product.  From the second I was introduced to the pine straw industry, our immediate mission was to change it forever by creating something that was strikingly different and better.  Our new "Quick Straw" is the first bagged and palletized pine straw product.   Here are the specific problems that it solves:

1) NO MESS.   The biggest challenge with traditional pine straw is that it makes a mess loading and unloading in your car or truck.  With Quick Straw, you can strap a bag in your passenger seat with no worry about making a mess.   

2) It is conveniently packaged on a pallet, meaning you can now order a simple pallet versus the previous minimum of an entire trailer.  Without the trailer in the parking lot, pine straw can now be carried in thousands of retail outlets that have never carried it before, and placed anywhere in the store. 

3) We have developed fully automated bagging lines that are housed in a controlled environment.  Now that we can produce product out of the woods and weather, a truly consistent supply chain is now possible.  

This is a vision that took years of blood sweat and tears to realize and I am so proud of our team that deserves all of the credit.  In just a few short months, we are already in over 300 retailer stores and climbing every day.  The future of pine straw is here!

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