Divine Inspiration

Life is more about energy than it is about age.  Chris Lee, world renowned success coach, came up with 7 steps to managing your energy in order to live a bullet proof life:

  1. Know your purpose, which is living for something bigger than yourself.  When thinking about purpose, Love is one of the best and most common, living for others. 
  2. Choose your attitude and take responsibility for how you interpret your circumstance.  Your attitude is one of the only things you have total control over.
  3. Trust the process and have faith..  Fear is the expectation that the worst will happen.  Faith, on the other hand, is the expectation that everything will work out.
  4. Tell yourself the truth and confront whatever is holding you back.  We all create stories to justify certain things.  Confront those stories and create new ones.
  5. Dream, declare and deliver with integrity.  Honor your word, no matter what. 
  6. Expand your comfort zone.  Nothing makes you feel more alive.
  7. Live life with passion and enthusiasm.  The root of enthusiasm is “divine inspiration” or to “be inspired by God.”  Don’t wait to feel enthusiastic, choose enthusiasm and the feeling will follow.

My biggest takeaway from this message is the root of enthusiasm being “divine inspiration.” Don’t sit around and wait for enthusiasm or inspiration, create it and carry it with you.  Enthusiasm creates a contagious energy that inspires you and other around you.

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