Pass It On

I am actively pursuing knowledge in a unique field that has been totally missed by conventional education as well as industry experts.  Peter Thiel would describe it as a "delusionary popular belief" where the majority of people believe one thing as best practice when in fact the opportunity lies in doing it totally different.   

The problem with pursuing knowledge about a "delusionary popular belief" is that it is nearly impossible to find a mentor or teacher because almost everyone has it wrong.  In this case, I was fortunate to find someone that has 30 years of experience and knowledge in exactly what we are trying to pursue.  

When I reached out to him, he was extremely excited to hear that someone "got it" and invited me to his home.  When I arrived he prepared us a wonderful dinner and had 10 huge binders of organized information ready for my arrival.  We literally stayed up until the wee hours of the night while I took over 10 pages of notes and he shared everything he knew on the subject.

He literally taught me more in 12 hours than I could have learned through years of experience and countless exercises of trial and error.  At the end of our time together I thanked him and asked how I could possible repay him.   He simply said, "Pass it on."

He taught me that we all have unique experiences and knowledge that a younger generation can learn from -- He taught me how important it is to be passionate about a given subject and to be a life long learner.  If he had not taught me what he has learned then that wealth of unconventional knowledge could have disappeared forever.  I am thankful for the many mentors and teachers that I have and will make a commitment to do everything possible to "Pass it on."  

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