The Biggest Obstacle

Last night was another great event at Purpose on Tap.  Tommy Newberry, author of "Success is not an Accident" and founder of the "1% Club" had a great message.  His purpose is coaching people to help them realize their full potential.  He teaches that there is no real limit except that which you create in your head.  He left us with four performance character qualities:

1) Develop an incredible work ethic - it's easy today because most people don't.  Do more than you're paid for -- Be excellent and stand out. 

2) Develop focus - a distraction is something that you migrate towards that was not in a premeditative fashion. 

3) Develop relationships - build a network of win/win relationships.  Get to know and learn from the people at the top of whatever field you want to pursue.  

4) Serve - get obsessed with adding value to those you work with.   More value than your competitors.  Serve people the way they want to be served better than anyone else.  

If you want to increase your reward, focus on service and contribution.  Develop rituals of high value activities that will keep you on track.  Don't wait, set goals now before you know how to reach them.  My big takeaway from Tommy's message is that you don't have to have supernatural intelligence or a lot of money to develop the four performance character qualities.  You just have to remove the biggest obstacle, which is you!

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