Powerful but Delicate

Goal setting is well intentioned but in many ways misguided unless it includes a habitual approach for achieving them.  Here are a few more distinctions between goals and habits:

1) Goals have an end point, which is why people revert back to their previous state after achieving them.  

2) Goals rely on things that are many times out of our control.  

3) Goals rely strictly on willpower and self discipline.   

On the other hand:

1) Habits can be as small as necessary. 

2) Habits are for life.

3) Habits can mean we overshoot our goals.

Charles Duhigg said, "Habits are powerful but delicate.   They can emerge outside of our consciousness or can be deliberately designed.  They often occur without our permission but can be reshaped by fiddling with their parts.  They shape our lives far more than we realize - they are so strong, in fact, that they cause our brains to cling to them at the exclusion of all else, including common sense."

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