The 8 Keys

Lewis Howes, founder of The School of Greatness, came up with 8 keys to success that powerful leaders do:

1) Create a clear purposeful vision.  Only say yes to things that support that vision. Make sure your vision is bigger than your excuses.   

2) Turn adversity into your advantage.  You don't have to look for adversity, it will find you.  When it finds you, use it as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

3) Cultivate a champions mindset.  You must believe that you will win.

4) Develop hustle.  Hustle beats talent any day of the week.   

5) Master your body and health.  You have one mind and body to take you through life so take care of that vehicle.  

6) Practice positive habits.  Your level of success will be determined by the habits your create.  

7) Build a winning team around you.  Make sure you have the right people on the bus.  

8) Be of service to others.  Become a servant leader. 

The principles of success and leadership are timeless and unchanging.  It is our job to take these timeless principles and create our own version of success and leadership based on our unique skills and circumstances.  My hope is that some part of Lewis's formula speaks to you.

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