Connecting the Dots

I recently listened to Steve Jobs' infamous 2005 Stanford commencement address.  This is a great message that is always fun to watch this time of year.  Here are a few highlights:

1) You can never know how the dots of your future will connect, but you have to follow your heart and have faith that they will. 

After dropping out of college, Steve visited a coding class that later gave him the idea for Apple.  If he had never dropped out, he never would have visited that class.  

2) You must be truly passionate about your work.   

After 10 years of building Apple, Steve was fired by his board.  That experience allowed him to reconnect with what he was passionate about and rekindled his creative spirit.  This led to a path of world-changing creative companies that ultimately led him back to Apple.  

3) Every day ask yourself, "Is this what I would be doing if it were my last day?"  If the answer is "No" too many days in a row then it's time to change something.

My big takeaway from Steve Jobs' amazing career and life is that the dots will always connect when you combine passion, focus, creativity and continuous improvement.  He was passionate and focused on creating things that had never been done before.  And he used his creativity and the desire to constantly improve as his guide. With that combination, the dots will always connect.  

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