Ultimate Sophistication

This past week I went on a brief retreat with a few entrepreneurial friends. While together we went through the exercise of creating a 5 year plan for our businesses. Part of the exercise was to think back and write down the specific things, that are unique to us, that got us to where we are today. There were 3 uniquely simple things that got Swift Straw to where we are today:

1) We always treat every customer request with an extremely high sense of urgency. I have been amazed by how much business we have won by simply treating every customer need with urgency.    

2) We find ways to say "Yes" to our customers. In fact, no one in our company is allowed to tell a customer "No." With enough collaboration and critical thinking, every customer problem has a solution. I have been amazed by how much business we have won by finding ways to say "Yes" when our competition says "No."

3) We continuously grow, improve and find better ways to do things. Everything we do is constantly challenged. Saying "That's the way we've always done it" might be the fastest way to find yourself looking for a new home.

After reflecting on our unique characteristics I am still amazed that 3 things so simple can also be unique. I guess Leonardo Da Vinci was right when he said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

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