Sunday Blog: He Lives!

I was fortunate to experience another great event at "Purpose on Tap."  The speaker, Ross Mason, is an amazing person who has dedicated his life to expanding God's kingdom through service, entrepreneurship and innovation.  Several years ago he was paralyzed in an accident while training for an iron man.   While in the ambulance the paramedics were shocked that he was cracking jokes and having a good time.  

They said, "Don't you know you could die at any second?"  

He laughed and said, "Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, so I'm either going to see Him in a minute or He will keep me here because He has bigger plans for me."

He then walked through a number of miraculous events in his life since that point that could only be explained as miracles directly from the Living God.  My big takeaway from his message is a reminder that we worship and serve a living God, not a statue or monument for the past.   He is the living God, the eternal king and the only one capable of the many miracles that we experience in this life. 

"But the Lord is the true God.  He is the living God, the eternal king.  When he is angry the earth trembles, the nations cannot endure his wrath." Jeremiah 10:10

My prayer is that we will never forget that we serve an awesome, omnipotent, miraculous, eternal and living God.   

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