Stay Curious

Erik Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet Inc., recently spoke to a classroom of students at Stanford about the future.  He sees the future being one of abundance.  As technology advances rapidly in so many different directions we will be entering an age where life expectancy will be increasing, driverless cars will make the roads safer and machine learning will allow us to process data and improve at rates that we cannot even imagine.  His advice for the students was as follows:

  • Be a part of this era of positive change and innovation and find a work that allows you to serve others.  Stay focused on that and don’t be distracted by all the things that are out of your control (like the news and social media).
  • The world rewards those who persevere and work hard.  Develop Grit.
  • Stay curious and imagine new and better things.  This is what drives positive change.
  • Say “Yes” to as many things as you can.  Say yes to going on a trip, to tackling a new challenge, to pursuing an idea or an opportunity.  When in doubt, say “Yes” to any opportunity or experience.

We are entering an era where anything is possible.  Erik gives some great advice on how to be on the winning end of this great technological movement.  Find your niche, stay focused, develop grit, be curious and say “Yes” to as many opportunities as you can.

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