Sunday Blog: The Big 3

This past week I was fortunate to hear John Wright speak at "Purpose on Tap."  His message came from a small campus minister that he heard while on the road playing college football.  The minister said, "Men, you need 3 people in your life:"

1) You need a "Paul" in your life.   This is a wise man, a person that is a generation or two ahead of you that can give you perspective and advice.   

2) You need a "Barnabas."  This is your soul brother.  He's not impressed with you and he will call out your BS.  He is a buddy that will tell you the truth you need to here. 

3) You need a "Timothy."  This is a person you can mentor, be their "Paul."  A young person that you can pour your life into.  Mentorship that you're not paid for, you just pour your life into them.  

Men typically see intimacy and connectivity as weakness, but we all need to acknowledge and be intentional about the relationships that we have in our life.  This was my third time visiting Purpose on Tap and it never fails to provide great fellowship and a great message.   Check it out at

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