Don't Mess with Our Best

I recently had the privilege of hearing the command philosophy from one of our military's best teams.  Since they requested to keep the team name anonymous, I will simply share some of their command philosophy which shows why we are so fortunate to have such amazing people in our military protecting the freedoms that we all experience every day.  Their command philosophy is as follows:

We will be quiet professionals, but we will not be meek.  

We will be aggressive but not reckless.  

We will be confident but not arrogant.  

We will work hard, be tough and won't complain.  

We will have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.  

We will accept challenges, overcome them and not accept defeat.   

We will make mistakes, but not of ethics, morals or integrity.   

We will think, plan wisely and act on instinct based on superior tough training.  

We will seize the initiative but not usurp authority. 

We will push the envelope, but stay within the intent of rules, regulations and policies. 

We will win the strategic battle by knowing our operational environment and owning the tactical fight.  

We will appreciate what we have, and will ask for what we need, not what we want.  

We will find ways to say "Yes" and minimize the use of the word "No."   

We will represent the community well always through appearance, words and actions.  

We will respect those before us and honor those no longer with us. 

We are warriors, a Family, a Team. 

We are .....

Our men and women in service are the absolute best among us and the only reason we are able to enjoy our countless freedoms.  They put the good of our country and our people ahead of their own self interest.  When I see their values and command philosophies, I understand why you don't want to mess with our best.   

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