Crush Everything!

I was fortunate to spend some time recently with Dom Raso.  Dom is a war hero (Over 300 combat missions), Navy Seal and now the CEO of a company called Dynamis Alliance.   He is using some of the success secrets that he learned as a Navy Seal to set people up for success all over the world.   He actually gave the pre-super bowl pep talk to the New England Patriots this year.  Here are a few unique takeaways from our time together:

1) You are only as good as your last move. You need to always put yourself in the best position possible to make the best next move.  

2) Constantly visualize the win.  Dan Millman said, "With just one opponent, if you doubt yourself you are already outnumbered." 

3) Honor is a lost word in our culture that needs to be brought back.  The things you Honor are the things that you value that are larger than yourself.  Create an Honor board that gives you a visual of all those things on a daily basis.    

4) Crush everything!!!!  Rom lost 17 of his best friends in a helicopter crash and lost his mother to cancer in the same week.  He had to deliver the news to the families and go to almost 20 funerals in two weeks.  He could have easily let that bring him down, but instead he decided that from that point forward he would "Crush Everything" as a way of honoring them.   He does everything with 1000% intensity.  

5) The graveyard is a wealthy place.  It's where so many great opportunities and ideas go to die with people who did not have the courage to follow through on them while living.  Don't let any opportunities or ideas die with you.   

While Dom was in the middle of Navy Seal training, he had a mental breakdown.   He was on day three without any sleep and in the middle of another day filled with intense cardio.  Noticing his state, a graduated Seal ran by and said, "Its all worth it in the end."  That one sentences reminded Dom of why he was doing it and was the big turning point for him.  Whatever your path, whatever your journey, take action on a daily basis that will put you in the best position for your next move, visualize your win, discover what you honor and crush everything so nothing will go to the grave with you.  It's all worth it in the end.  

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