Sunday Blog: You Never Asked

In the early 1900’s, there was a headline newspaper article announcing that Henry Ford had just purchased the largest insurance policy in history.  This article was particularly troubling to Henry’s friend and longtime insurance agent who knew nothing about it.  He ran over to Henry’s house with the paper and asked how he could possibly do such a large insurance transaction without his involvement.  Henry replied, “You never asked!”

Acts 14: 2-3 says, “Some of the Jews, however, spurned God’s message and poisoned the minds of the Gentiles against Paul and Barnabas.  But the apostles stayed there a long time, preaching boldly about the grace of the Lord.  And the Lord proved their message was true giving them power to do miraculous signs and wonders.”

Sharing the gospel, which is something that Christians are called to do, can be challenging in practice.  There are two parts to consider when sharing the gospel; the first is the delivery and the second is thoughtful prayer.  We should strive to be wise in how we deliver the message, sometimes meaning only once,  and then we should pray relentlessly for those that we have shared with.  We should ask the Holy Spirit to grant us wisdom and boldness, just as Paul and Barnabas displayed in Acts.  When it comes to knowing if you should share, think about the story of Henry Ford’s insurance agent.  It is always better to ask and be turned down than to play it safe and miss a life changing opportunity.

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