Sunday Blog: Then What ...

Charles Finney was known in the 1800’s as the “Father of Modern Revivalism.”  During his last year of law school he had a life changing experience.  One morning he went to the office of his summer internship early to get the day started before anyone else arrived.  While in the office by himself, he said the Lord spoke to him and asked, “What will you do once you graduate with a Law Degree?”  He answered that he would practice law.  The Lord said, “Then what?”  He answered that he would make money.  The Lord said, “Then what?”  Charles went through a series of answers such as, “raise a family, retire, and then ultimately he said he would die.”  Following each question that Lord continued to ask “Then what?”

When Charles ran out of answers, he walked into the nearby woods and fell to his knees.  He saw himself on judgement day and realized that every one of his answers had a worldly focused.  Every answer was centered around him and his life.  He realized that his purpose had no eternal element.  At that point he prayed that the Holy Spirit would illuminate his understanding and help him find eternal purpose in his life.  He then went on to become the father of Revivalism and one of the most influential Christians of his time.

My big takeaway from this story is the need to ask the Holy Spirit for help in discovering a purpose that goes beyond myself and my life.  We all have a different journey and therefore must find a different purpose.  My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will illuminate my mind and your mind to have an eternally focused purpose -- So that on judgement day, he will be able to say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

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