More Rare than a Billionaire

The human brain has evolved over millions of years.  Only in the last few thousand have we entered a place where survival is no longer its primary function. Tony Robbins said that after working with over 50 million people around the world, including many billionaires, that it is more rare to find someone that lives in a beautiful happy state in every moment than it is to find a billionaire.   The reason it is so rare is because our brains are not programmed to make us happy in every moment, they are designed to help us survive.  Our brain is designed to create worrisome and stressful thoughts as a means to protect us.  The key to living in a happy state lies in what we do with those thoughts.

We must realize that thoughts of stress and worry are natural and not unique to us as individuals.  There is a zero percent chance that everything will always work out like we want.  Our happiness will never last if it is tied to that expectation.  We must catch ourselves when our brain creates a stressful or worrisome thought and make the decision to let them go by.  We must recognize that it is not our thought, it comes from a mind that has been conditioned for survival over millions of years.  Here are a few ways to manage our thoughts so that we can live in a happy and beautiful state:

1) Identify which thoughts make you suffer.  Which thoughts cause you to become stressed, worried or create an unhappy or suffering state? 

2) Once you have identified the thoughts that make you suffer, make the choice to let them pass by as they come.  You can't make your brain not create the thought, but you can choose what you do with it.  You can choose to let it go.  

3) Trade unrealistic expectation for appreciation.  When a worrisome thought comes your way, immediately shift your focus to a thought of appreciation.  Gratitude will destroy suffering.  You cannot live in a state of gratitude and suffer at the same time.  Gratitude always prevails. 

Years ago, Tony was on an international flight and they announced that "International wi-if" would be available on the flight for the first time ever.  Everyone rejoiced over this technological miracle.  After ten minutes of enjoying this new phenomenon the internet went out.  People became furious and started complaining.   They were furious that the wifi that they never dreamed would be available wasn't working.  In less than 10 minutes, they created an expectation that set them up for suffering.   We all experience thoughts of suffering and worry but our happiness will be determined by what we choose to do with those thoughts.   If we identify them, choose to let them pass and replace them with thoughts of gratitude we can live in a happy and beautiful state no matter what our circumstance may be.  We can create a state that is more rare than even a billionaire. 

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