Unity and Loyalty

Do you know why most employees aren't loyal to their company?  Because their company isn't loyal to them.  If you want your team to buy into your dream and execute with every ounce of passion they have, you must be caught caring about them personally and treating them with dignity.  Here are a few thoughts on creating loyalty and unity:

1) Fanatical Integrity: Loyalty comes from fanatical integrity.  Let your yes be yes and your no be no.   Be transparent about how decisions are made and what the team is facing.  If you react the same way in every similar situation, you don't have to put your company values in a brochure, because your team sees you live them every day.  

2) Know your team members:  Know their kids names, their wives names and their interests.  Know their dreams and do everything possible to help achieve them.  

3) Create Unity: One Belgian horse can pull 8,000 lbs, but two can pull 24,000 lbs.  This represents the power of synergy, two working together can do as much as three individually.  A unified team of "B" players will whip a team full of big name individuals every time.   

4) Fight the enemies of Unity: Lack of communication, lack of goal setting, gossip, unresolved disagreements and sanctioned incompetence.  

People are always your best resources.  In order to get the most out of that resource, think loyalty and unity.   

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