Balanced Pillars

I have always been a student of different success frameworks.  One common required theme that seems unanimous is balance.  There is no way to live a successful life if there are certain pillars in your life that receive all the attention while others are neglected. 

We have all seen the example of someone who focuses their attention on career while the other pillars of their life crumble around them.  Below is a comprehensive list of questions that I have pulled from various resources that detail the different areas of your life that need attention in order to be balanced.  Before you go through them, remember to go for balance, not perfection:


1.      Physical Activity: Are you engaged in regular physical activity?

2.      Weight: Are you happy with your current weight or physique?

3.      Sleep/Rest: Are you getting adequate rest?

4.      Relaxation: Are you taking time to relax or disconnect?

5.      Stress: Are you managing your current stress levels?


1.      Reading: Are you reading things that are stimulating?

2.      Education: Are you engaged in continuous education?

3.      Writing: Are you engaged in creative writing?

4.      New Skills: Are you learning new skills?

5.      Planning: Are you planning and staying organized?


1.      Relationships: Are you satisfied with your key relationships?

2.      Serving: Are you mentoring, leading and serving others?

3.      Laughing: Are you laughing often?

4.      Loving: Are you giving and receiving love?

5.      Synergy: Are you engaged in activities working with others?


1.      Clarity of Faith: Are you clear regarding what you believe?

2.      Application of Faith: Are you applying your faith in your life?

3.      Community of Faith: Do you currently have people that you feel comfortable sharing your faith with?

4.      Prayer/meditate: Are you praying or meditating daily?

5.      Journal: Are you engaged in the practice of journaling?


  1. Drink Water: Are you drinking at least ½ your body weight in ounces per day?
  2. Natural: Are you eating natural fruits, vegetables and whole grains?
  3. Alcohol & Tobacco: Are you pleased with your current consumption of each?
  4. Family Dinner: Are you cooking at home with your family?
  5. Avoid Processed Foods: Are you avoiding processed breads and sugar: sodas, snacks and desserts?

Career/Primary Responsibility

  1. Base Needs: Are your base financial needs currently being met?
  2. Connectivity: Do you feel connected with coworkers?
  3. Higher Purpose: Do you feel fulfilled with higher purpose at work?
  4. Path: Is your current occupation on your desired path?
  5. Goals: Do you have short and long term goals at work?


  1. Personal Goals: Do you have short and long term personal goals?
  2. New Experiences: Are you doing things that you have never done before?
  3. Etched Memories: Are you doing memorable things?
  4. Fun Hobbies: Do you have hobbies that you enjoy on a regular basis?
  5. EMSR: Are you currently engaged in a daily Early Morning Success Routine?

A great exercise to go through is to score each question 1-5 based on your current priority level, and then score each one 1-5 based on your satisfaction level.  Since you can’t tackle everything at once, this will allow you to discover the areas of initial focus.  Are there any that really jump out at you as out of balance?  Are there any that have a high priority score but a low satisfaction score?  Since less is more with setting goals, those might be the best areas of focus when setting your next round of short and long term goals.  Although we will never score a 5 out of 5 on every single item, I believe we would all do well to use a guide to help us continuously apply attention to the different areas of our life.  The more balanced the pillars, the stronger your foundation will be for building a successful life.

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