The B's

This past Monday I had the extreme fortune of attending another successful Purpose on Tap event.  Part of Glen Jackson’s message included his list of “Be’s”.

1) Be humble

2) Be curious: Be more interested than interacting.  

3) Be a servant leader: No task is too small or too big.  

4) Be a relationship builder: Networking is a task, relationship building is a commitment.   Relationship building is about investing in people.   

5) Be a team player 

6) Be driven: We hire for 3 things, intelligence integrity and drive. 

7) Be a person of integrity: Put character first

8) Be generous (time, talent and financial resources)

9) Be an encourager.  

10) Be consistent with your emotions, your actions and your decisions

11) Be resilient 

12) Be there: when someone has a loss, it’s not about the right words, just be there.  

If you haven’t heard about Purpose on Tap, I encourage you to check it out.

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