Leading the Pack

I was recently learning from Cesar Millan, AKA the Dog Whisperer.  He has learned a tremendous amount about leadership through the animal world.  Here are a few of his thoughts:

Leadership is about being, not thinking.  You must calm your emotions and focus on what you want to accomplish with absolute certainty.  It’s impossible for animals (or humans) to follow uncertainty or instability.

Before you lead your awareness needs to rise.  You can’t teach a mind that thinks it knows everything.  You must fully surrender to the truth that you don’t know everything, then your mind opens up and you are willing to learn.  

Thinking you are a leader does not make you a leader.  Leadership has nothing to do with your age, gender, some fancy title or a managerial position.  Being a leader makes you a leader.  People will always follow those that humbly serve as well as provide protection and direction.  


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