Ready for Q4

Yesterday we had our Q4 meeting where everyone came together to celebrate what we accomplished last quarter and then worked together to plan the quarter to come.  Here are a few unique pieces of this quarters plan that I am extremely excited about:

1) Instead of assigned tasks, each individual in the company has identified and set their own goals.  The criteria is to identify the 1-3 most impactful things that they will focus on during Q4 to help us further our mission. 

2) Each goal comes with a few reporting items or “lead indicators” that they will be focused on each day.  Also referred to as “Key Performance Indicators” that will be used to measure their progress.   

3) Everyone will be a part of a daily 15 minute huddle where the group will report their results from the previous day and the designated scribe will update the scoreboard.

I am thankful to serve a team that is dedicated to continuous growth and learning.  A Team that is dedicated to making the most out of the time we have together!  Here’s to another quarter where we leave it all out on the field!

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