The Modern Day Saber Toothed Tiger


Dr Michael Gervais is master of mindset.  As a psychologist, he specializes in high performance mindset training, helping some of the most high profile people in the world overcome their biggest challenges and fears.  

Through his work he has discovered that high profile performers are human beings that battle the same fear as the rest of us.  

He has found that approximately 30% of people suffer from anxiety.  They excessively worry about what could go wrong.  

Our brains are conditioned to protect us from danger.  Many years ago this might be protection from a wild animal or another hostile human being.  Today, this fear is rooted in what other people think.   He refers to anxiety about what other people think as the modern day “Saber Toothed Tiger.”  

In order to be a high performer, you’ve got to  overcome the modern day Saber Toothed Tiger.  You have to be mindful to not worry about what could go wrong or what others might think.  You have to be able to tell people, “I love you, but I don’t care what you think.”

Next time you are called to perform, focus on the person you want to be, and overcome the Saber Toothed Tiger. 

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