Saturday Morning Challenge

I was recently fortunate to share a lunch with Entrepreneurial legend Eddie Lumpkin.  During our lunch he stopped and asked each of us where we were the previous Saturday morning at 10am.  After all of us had given our answer he said, “Always pay attention to what you are doing at 10am on Saturday morning.  That will define what kind of person you are.  If you are hung over lying in bed then you are a drunk.  If you are out making things happen then you will be a success.”

After reflecting on this, here are a few reasons why I believe this is so true:

  1. Success is many times about simply doing the things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.  Anyone can show up on Tuesday morning, but Saturday morning separates the major league players from the rest.
  2. Being productive on a Saturday morning means that you have enough clarity of mission to know what to do when no one is watching. 
  3. Saturday morning production shows that you take the initiative to do what has to be done without being told to do so.  Initiative is one of the greatest character traits for adding tremendous value.

Eddie also said that someone once asked him, “Do you want to be the most successful person from your graduating class?”  His answer was, “No, I wanted to be more successful than everyone in the class combined.”  This shows that his focus has never been about achieving a certain point, but rather pushing for limitless growth.  Eddie has always said not to focus on winning, focus on growth.  If you grow, you will win.  The room for growth is largest room in the world and there is a seat in there for all of us.  My hope is from this point forward you will focus on growth, and always pay attention to what you are doing on Saturday at 10am.

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