Fighting Resistance

I recently heard an interview with Chris Lee who is a world renowned motivational trainer.  His message was centered around how to harness the natural tendency of resistance to create positive transformation.  

Resistance typically leads to us avoiding something that's important, not trusting ourselves or others or not embracing an opportunity that presents itself.  Resistance at its core is rooted in fear, and if we do not become aware of this natural tendency, that which we resist persists.  

Here are a few ways that we can acknowledge, confront and overcome the tendency to resist:

1) Tell the truth.  Many times we will tell ourselves a fear based story in order to justify our fear.  If we tell ourselves the truth, we will typically find that the only thing to fear is fear itself.  Once you tell yourself the truth, you can weigh the real pros and cons. 

2) Get to the source of it.  It's always a limiting belief, rooted in fear.  Take fear all the way down to the end.  If I take this risk, then I might fail, if I fail then... the worst case scenario typically isn't as scary as you might have once thought. 

3) Acknowledge and accept your resistance for what it is, then you can ask "what's my real vision for my life (health, wealth etc.)"

One of the greatest ways that we resist is to stay in our comfort zone.  Therefore we must break through our comfort zone by challenging any limiting beliefs that we may have.  Resistance is a natural tendency for all of us, so the action item here is to learn to become aware of resistance when it strikes, embrace it and then use this process to overcome it.  Only then can we break through our comfort zone and challenge the limits of what's possible. 

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