Armed with Passion

The race for manned flight was on at the turn of the twentieth century.  Several people had gotten close but no one could get a man controlled air craft to fly.  Two brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, had a dream of flying.  They knew in their hearts that is was possible.  With no money, no backing, no support and not even a college education between them, they simply used passion as their weapon and motivation to fly.  They were not deterred by failure or crashes along the way.  In fact, they took 5 sets of parts with them every day when they went out because they expected to crash at least five times per day.  And then, on December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers changed the world when their powered glider took off and landed safely for the first time in history.

What you don’t know is the story about another man named Samuel Pierpont Langley who was the big flight dog of that time.  Everyone felt certain that he would crack the code of powered manned flight before anyone else.  They were so sure that the government gave him a grant of $50,000 so that money was no object.  The New York Times was literally following him around while the world waited on Langley to launch man’s first airplane.  While the world waited on Langley, the Wright brothers who were armed only with passion, beat him to the punch.  Langley had all the resources at his fingertips, except the level of passion that the Wright brothers shared. 

When it comes to either selecting a career path or deciding what to create within your current career path, Dave Ramsey recommends that you create something so exciting that it causes a chill to run down your spine.  But remember, passion is not something that you find or discover, it comes from within.  Choose to pursue or create a career that excites you so much that you can unleash all the passion that is generated from within.

Dan Miller, Author of “48 Days to the Work You Love,” says you should always begin building your life bouquet from those flowers that are within your reach.   Flowers that are within your reach reflect three main areas:

  1. Skills and Abilities: What have you been trained for and what are your natural talents?  If you are good at and enjoy math, then finance would be a natural fit.
  2. Personality Traits: Play to the strengths of your natural personality traits.  If you are good with people but poor with details, you probably would not want to be an accountant.
  3. Values, Dreams and Passions: If you don’t believe in debt, you probably would not want to be pursue a career in lending.

While these are important, there is nothing more important than passion.  You are never too old, never the wrong color, never the wrong political party and there is never a big enough obstacle to keep a person with passion operating in a higher calling from winning.  But make sure that you do not use “finding something you are passionate about” as an excuse for inaction.  Passion comes from within and should be poured into every step of your journey.  If you are searching for a career, find something that you can poor passion into.  If you are currently in a career, create a version of that path that gives you chill bumps.  As you think about the life you want to create, make sure you are armed with passion, and like the Wright brothers, use it to shock the world.

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