Facing Rejection

I recently listened to an interview with Shep Gordon, who is one of the most successful talent managers in history.  He has managed people such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Alice Cooper just to name a few.  Among all of the great wisdom and insight that he shared, I was particularly fascinated by his answer to one question.   

Why do all Hollywood stars seem to experience a meltdown at some point in their career?

Here are a few components to his answer:

1) The road to success is paved with rejection.  No matter what you do in life, you have to get comfortable with facing rejection day in and day out if you want to make it.  In order to make it in Hollywood, the rejection that you have to overcome is extremely intense.  

2) They are human.  We have to remember that all of the celebrities you know are just as human as you are.  With the same insecurities and fears that you have.  

3) We all have things deep down that we  have to deal with and we all handle those things in different ways.  Some manage it better than others.   The celebrities just happen to be in the spot light when they are dealing with theirs. 

The action item here is to acknowledge that the road to success is paved with rejection, no matter what your journey looks like.  With this awareness, rejection is something that we should expect and learn to embrace.  The obstacle is the way, and every obstacle that we overcome makes us stronger and more prepared to take on the next one.

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