Marketing Stew

The mystery of marketing is not really a mystery.  Although the marketplace's reaction can sometimes seem mysterious, the fundamentals involved in building a good plan are not.  There are just so few people in business who do all the parts intentionally.  Dave Ramsey relates marketing to cooking a great pot of stew.  If you get the ingredients right and give it a little time, the results are fantastic.   Here are the ingredients for his famous marketing Stew:

1) Passion: There is no energy in logic, only in emotion.  Marketing has to have energy.  If you and your team can't get shouting excited about what you are doing then don't do it. 

2) Activity: Even a blind hog can find an acorn if he wanders enough.  Marketing activity includes promotion, advertising, social media, sales teams, etc. The more activity, the more insurance against failure.  

3) Scarcity: Everyone wants a table at the restaurant that is full, everyone wants to join the club that is hard to get into.  Make it a privilege for customers to get an order or a place in the calendar. 

4) Urgency: A cousin of scarcity is urgency.  Without a sense of urgency, desire loses value.  Find a way to encourage the customer to act now.  

5) Momentum Theorem : Focused intensity over time multiplied by God equals unstoppable momentum.   

The end result if you mix these together is a marketing straw that tastes great.  The action item here is to think about your current marketing stew and list the ingredients.  If it's just a pot of warm water, then spice things up with a plan that includes passion, activity, scarcity, urgency and momentum.  

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