Make the Time

I recently listened to a pod cast by Joseph McClendon, psychologist on the Tony Robbins team.  He has created what he calls the ultimate success formula.  The more that I study the science of success, the more common principles I continue to run across. The number one principle of his success formula is the most common that I have seen.  It is this: "Know your outcome, in as much detail as possible." Here are a few examples of this principle seen in other success formulas:

1) In Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, his second habit is to "Begin with the end in Mind." In order to create an action plan today, you must have an outcome, or an end, to focus your efforts on. 

2) In the 4 Disciplines of Execution, the first discipline is to create a WIG or a wildly important goal.  Being crystal clear on the wildly important goal gives meaning to the other disciplines. 

3) The first step in Tommy Newberry's course "Achieving Optimal" is to establish your top 5 goals.  He even has a 13 step exercise to help with clarity. 

4) In the "Law of Success" by Napoleon Hill,  he encourages us to begin by establishing a definite chief aim or DCA.  After establishing a DCA, you are ready to work through the remaining laws. 

5) My Grandmother, who is a 60 year student of success, always says that you will never make a basket if you are shooting without a goal.  

If you want to accomplish something extraordinary, make the time to "Know your outcome, in as much detail as possible."  If you know it, and write it down where you can see it on a regular basis, you will quickly see why this is the most common principle in any success formula. 


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