The Right People on the Bus

In Jim Collins book, "Good to Great", one characteristic of great companies is that they have the right people on the bus.  Also referred to as "First who, then what".  People are more important than strategy.  If you have the right people, you will be able to make any bus journey a success.  At Swift Straw, I have never been so excited about the people that we have on our bus.  Here are a few characteristics that qualify our team members for a seat:

1) Every team member that we have now has a growth mindset.  They do not view improvement, challenges and revenue growth as a burden, but rather as an opportunity to grow as a person.  

2) Each team member does what they say they are going to do with no follow up required.  This is an example of integrity at its finest.  

3) Each person is present and engaged.  Everyone is involved in strategy, company improvements, and is fully dedicated to our company mission and goals.  There is no concern about what people are spending their time on when no one is watching. 

4) Everyone constantly surprises me by going above and beyond the normal call of duty.  This reveals character, and shows what they are made of as a person.   

Like many things that you read, it is hard to fully understand the principles until you have experienced it first hand.  Regarding the "first who, then what" principle, we've finally got the right people, in the right seats, and it's time to hit the accelerator on the bus!

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