A Supportive Challenge

This past week we hosted an appreciation event for some of our investors, advisors and mentors.  It was a huge success and I left being blown away by how fortunate we are to have such an incredibly supportive team.  The most beneficial thing that happened during the course of the event is that our leadership team was challenged to accelerate some of the important initiatives that are on our future road map.  We were challenged to raise the bar for what we thought was possible to achieve in the next 12 months.  Here are a few thoughts on the benefits of having someone or a group that is willing to challenge you:

1) Everyone needs someone to push them.  Olympic athletes are a great example. Although they are the best in the world in their given field, they have coaches to push them and challenge them to raise the bar for themselves. 

2) Even if you think you are doing things the right way, it is beneficial to have someone challenge your current method with alternatives.  Even if you wind up agreeing that you are on the right track, the process of challenging yourself is the ultimate way to validate a plan. 

3) When you are consumed with something every day it can be hard to see the forest from the trees.   This is why it is so helpful to have a well intentioned outside perspective give you feedback.  Someone else might be able to see something that is right in front of your nose.   

The end result of this supportive challenge is that we have decided to rethink what can be accomplished in the next 12 months and have accelerated a plan that we had written off as being years away.  I am so thankful to have people willing to challenge me and our team.  The bar has been raised and it's not coming down!

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