Our mind can be compared to an iceberg.  Our conscious mind is similar to the small part that is above the water and our subconscious mind is the much larger part that is submerged under the water and cannot be readily seen.  Our subconscious mind represents 90% of our mental power and guides our conscious mind.  It is designed by all of the different influences around us while we were growing up.  Babies  and infants are like sponges with literally pure subconscious minds. The ability to remember details of events are not well developed before the age of 4 or 5 because the conscious mind, language and conscious memory are not fully in place yet.  A child's subconscious image of who they are and what life is about is formed through this critical period by all of those influences around them.  

There is no difference between the greatest minds in the world and the average, accept the great minds have a subconscious programming that believes in their abilities and in their beliefs even against the greatest odds.  Even if our past has negatively programmed our subconscious mind,  the good news is that it CAN be reprogrammed to accomplish anything that we want in life.  The process of changing our programming includes reversing the limited thinking and programming of our past.  Here are a few thoughts on how things works:

1) We must first recognize any disempowering subconscious self images that we may have accepted as a reality.  Once we are aware of them, we must make the choice to accept them and then re-program them. 

2) The re-programming process is much like upgrading software in a computer.  We must remove the program installed in the past and replace it with the program we want to live by. 

3) Our subconscious mind believes whatever we tell it.  It silently observes and accepts as real everything that it comes across.  If our subconscious mind believes we are something, such as a huge success, it will direct our conscious mind as if it were true. 

4) The best way to convince our subconscious mind of who we are is to write down the goals we wish to achieve as well as affirmations of who we are and read them twice a day.  Consciously this process keeps us focused, but most importantly it sends a message to our subconscious mind that it will accept as a reality.  Once it is accepted, all of our future actions will be properly directed. 

The ability to re-program our subconscious mind is one of the most important technologies we can use to improve our lives.  Once we understand how the mind works, it is easy to see that the only boundaries and limits to what is possible are those that we put on ourselves. 

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