Bring on Competition

I have recently become extremely thankful for competition.  In the great game of business, the time clock never runs out and the opportunity to overcome your competition never ends.  Here are a few thoughts on how to embrace the power of competition:

1) There is always something to learn from your competitors if you are looking for it.   Sam Walton said, "Go in and check our competition.  Don't look for the bad, look for the good.  Look for what they're doing right, because everyone is doing something right."

2) A competitive strike is the ultimate call to action. When first blood is drawn it creates a sense of drive that could not be created by any other situation.  

3) Mark Cuban says we should all make a point to "kick our own ass." This means you approach each day as if you were trying to beat yourself.  

As Swift Straw gradually disrupts our industry there are many competitors that continue to emerge.  I am thankful for their existence because they give us a purpose and a drive to succeed.  My only advice for anyone who wants a shot at the title is, you better bring your mouthpiece!

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