A Father's Gift

This past Father's Day I spent some time reflecting on the privilege of being a Father.  Since we recently introduced our second child, William Hunter Lowe, into the world I am now the proud husband and father of two. One of the things that I think is commonly overlooked about parenting is that it is a wonderful leadership opportunity.  No matter what our background is, the day we become a parent, we become leaders.  Here is what that means in practice:

1) The day we become a parent and move into a leadership position, we officially forfeit our right to think about our own self-interest.  Those whom we serve immediately become what's most important. 

2) Their eyes are on us which means we must always act in such a way that we would like them to emulate, because they will whether we like it or not.  We don't have to tell them how to live when we can simply show them.

3) With eyes on us, we must constantly fight the temptation to lose our temper, to argue with our spouse or to act on emotion.  Overcoming this struggle can never be perfected but should be something that we continuously strive for.  

4) Their success becomes our success.  First, we should be dedicated to making sure that their Faith and spiritual life is well grounded.  Then we can move on to their mental, physical and emotional growth. 

People are at their best when they are able to focus on others, and parenting is no exception.  This Father's Day, I thank God for the gift of parenthood and the uniquely awesome leadership opportunity that comes with it.  

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