And This, Too, Shall Soon Pass

There is a huge difference in failure and temporary defeat.  Our God created nature to have a fixed set of laws that are tried and true.  If we try to fight the laws of nature, we will lose every time.  Temporary defeat is one of nature’s greatest tools that can teach us the necessary lessons of life like nothing else possibly can.  Those who learn to view failures as temporary defeat, and embrace them as one of nature’s greatest tools will be able to work with this powerful force and not against it.  Here are a few thoughts on the power of temporary defeat:

1) There is a direct correlation between one’s level of success and their experiential level of temporary defeat.  Each person's ultimate level of success will be in exact correlation to the extent of obstacles and struggles they have overcome.  This law only holds true though if they view failure as temporary, and use it as a tool to learn and grow. 

2) The laws of the earth need to always be respected.  If at any point you move to a mindset of self-approval or cockiness, these laws will quickly bring you to your knees.  We need to strive to make it to the top of the mountain but never shift to a mindset of self-approval, thinking that we have arrived.  This is a vulnerable mindset which should be feared more than defeat. 

3) The laws of nature intend for us to have ups and downs. If it was all "ups" we would have a hard time learning or appreciating the necessary lessons of life.  So when you are experiencing one of the "downs," embrace it as a temporary but necessary part of your journey.  In the greatest hours of trial during the civil war, Abraham Lincoln was often quoted saying, "And this, too, will soon pass."

As the leader of a company, team or family, I believe it is our obligation and privilege to serve and teach those within our circle of influence.  If you really want to help someone, don't fight natures natural learning process, let them fail.  But help them understand why their failures should be embraced and viewed as a temporary defeat.

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