The Easy Road

Your personality is the sum total of your characteristics and appearances which distinguish you from other people. The clothes you wear, your voice, your body language, your energy and your hand shake all make up part of your personality.  Developing an attractive personality will make any endeavor in life much easier because people will want to associate with you. Here are a few thoughts on how to create a pleasing, attractive personality:

1) The easiest way to make sure that your personality always attracts those around you is to take a sincere interest in other people. Every individual’s favorite topic of conversation is themselves and their interests. If you focus on them, you are selling them on themselves which is typically an easy pitch. 

2) Make it a point to always find the good qualities in others and praise them for it.  Everyone has both good and bad qualities. The best rule of thumb is to only focus on bad qualities when looking at yourself in the mirror. When looking out the window at others, focus on their good qualities. If you focus on the bad qualities of others, your world will become a lonely place. 

3) Learn how to greet and shake hands with someone in such a way that expresses warmth and enthusiasm. When you speak to others, speak with force and conviction.  This will tell others that you are authentic and excited to be with them.  

4) Be a builder, not a destroyer. Encourage people to build their dreams, don't destroy them with negative energy. Remember that someone who builds a house is an artist, someone who tears it down is a junk man. 

There was once a wealthy artist who was #1 on the sales list at a financial services firm.  The top salesmen at the company had tried for years to get his business but were met with cold opposition and an aggressive boot out the door. So, when a new sales person started, the existing team members thought they would play a joke on the "newbie" by giving him the artist as his first sales attempt. The new sales rep gladly accepted the challenge. To their disbelief, he walked in the next day with one of the largest orders in the company’s history. When they asked how he did it, he replied, "Since I am new and don't know much about the financial products that we sell, I figured I would spend our time together talking about him and his art. After enthusiastically talking about his art for several hours, he told me he would take whatever I had to sell." The young sales rep took the easy road, and sold the man on himself. 

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