Powerful Thought

Accurate thinking makes intelligent use of all the powers of the human mind. Accurate thought takes an idea and transforms it into its most positive and constructive form. Here are a few ways to release the power of accurate thought:

1) The accurate thinker knows that his mind has power over every cell in his entire body.  Therefore, he fills his mind with creative thoughts, which are thoughts of a positive, non-destructive nature. Creative thought keeps your mind in a state of expectancy until the attainment of your definite chief aim in life becomes a reality.  

2) The accurate thinker knows that the sub-conscious mind does not question the source from which it receives orders, but it will proceed to direct the muscular system of the body to carry out any orders which it receives. The accurate thinker takes advantage of this powerful form of auto suggestion to accomplish things that might seem unattainable. If the seed of a definite chief aim is planted in the mind and held there with relentless persistence, the subconscious mind will take over. 

3) The accurate thinker can recognize facts from mere information, regardless of how they affect their own self interest, for they know that ultimately this will bring them out on top in the long run. For example, the person who practices accurate thought can speak of their enemy without exaggerating their faults, and minimizing their virtues. Additionally, they do not find myriads of so-called facts to justify their actions when they are doing something wrong that directly benefits them. 

Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great,” discovered that one characteristic that distinguished the greatest companies on earth was their ability to "confront the brutal facts.” Additionally, they were able to pursue their mission with the focus and persistence of a hedge hog. Once their mission was held in the mind with enough persistence, auto suggestion kicked in and became like pushing on a big stone fly wheel.  At first it moved slow, but with every push it picked up steam and created its own momentum. Before they knew it, the fly wheel was moving so fast they could barely keep up. It is clear that the Greatest companies in the world have learned how to unleash the power of accurate thought. 

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