Self Confidence Examined

Nearly anything within reason can be accomplished if you believe strongly enough that you can do it. Not to be confused with egotism, self confidence is based upon sound knowledge of what you know and what you can do, while egotism is based on what you wish you knew or could do.  Self confidence is extremely effective in working with people because it's contagious, persuasive, and it attracts others. With self confidence being such an important part of accomplishment, here are a few thoughts on how to maximize it:

1) The development of self confidence begins with the elimination of fear. Isn't it strange that the things we fear most typically never happen? Our initiative is destroyed by the fear of defeat when in fact the lessons learned from temporary defeat should be embraced. This is the premise behind FDR's famous statement in his first inaugural address, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

2) Much of this fear is not real but rather comes from human nature. The good news is that we can reverse the accumulated effects of a thousand generations of fear through the aid of auto suggestion. The principle of auto suggestion will either lead you up a mountain of peace and prosperity, or down into the valley of misery and poverty…according to the application you make of it. If you plant in your mind, write down, and repeatedly tell yourself that you will succeed your bodily effort will follow suit.

3) Another powerful form of self confident auto suggestion is overcoming failure.  Each time you overcome a challenge it creates a sense of accomplishment and builds confidence. The more times you do it the more it builds and the easier it becomes to take on the next challenge. This is why the best gift a parent can give their child is that of helping the child to help themselves, by letting them struggle.  Far from being a disadvantage, struggle is an advantage because it helps develop those qualities which would lie dormant without it.  This is why many instances of inherited wealth leads to inaction and a loss of self confidence. 

There was once a homeless man that walked into an office building and asked if someone there would help him out. In the first office he walked into, the gentleman told him that he could not help him, but he would introduce him to someone that could. The homeless man was thrilled!  They got up and walked into the next room where there was a full size mirror. He stood the homeless man in front of the mirror, pointed at the glass and said, "There is the only man in this whole world that can get you back on your feet again, but you have to first acknowledge that it's up to you to make it happen and then believe in yourself until it does." The homeless man looked in the mirror and thought for over an hour. Later that day he convinced someone to hire him and even received a loan for some work clothes. Several years later he was running a prominent business in the area.  

He went from the streets to an office tower because he removed whatever fear was keeping him down, convinced himself that he was going to succeed and then overcame one struggle at a time until he was back on his feet. 

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