Break The Cycle

The spring is here which means there is going to be a mad rush for service providers all over the country to get things ready for the beautiful weather that hopefully lies ahead. Like any cyclical season, there is always an imbalance of the demand for work versus what can actually be executed on time. Our nations immigration and entitlement policies have made this imbalance even greater than it normally would be by creating a shortage of ready and able workers to help get things done. One thing I have noticed about this time of year is that when stress levels get high, people are quick to lose their cool, which creates a cycle of negative energy that tears down everyone in its path. Having been on the receiving end of negative energy before, we at Swift Straw have made a commitment this year to break the cycle. Here are a few details on that commitment:

1) We are aware that every time we talk to someone or send an email, we are passing a message along that carries energy with it. We are making the commitment to not generate or pass along any message that carries negative energy. Even if something is time-sensitive, a positive message is just as effective as a negative one. 

2) We have made a commitment to keep our cool. When things get heated we are going to take a deep breathe so that our emotions don't drive an irrational decision. If we simply keep our cool, the energy associated with our actions will be positive and contagious. 

3) When we screw up, we apologize and work towards a solution. Not trying to pass the blame off to someone else is a great way to break the negative energy cycle. Even if it's not our fault, we take ownership of the issue and resolve it. 

4) We have made a commitment to be courteous, respectful and encouraging to our family of vendors, subs, and service providers. They would not be one of our service providers if they did not do their absolute best to perform. So, when they screw up it doesn't do any good to chastise them. We are going to tell them we appreciate them, keep their chin up, and keep fighting the good fight. We believe this will keep us on the top of their list when the going gets tough. 

We all need to think about the impact that one rude phone call or email creates. The cycle of negative energy, especially if passed through email with a few people copied, can quickly circulate and hurt a lot of people. On the flip side, imagine the positive energy that circulates from an email that says, "Hey guys, I know this wasn't your best day, but I want you to know how much we appreciate your efforts to serve us. Keep your chin up!" That kind of positive email could carry an entire company for a week, and I can assure you that the service you will receive the next week will be the best it has ever been. I hope everyone will join us this year in our commitment to break the negative energy cycle through courtesy, respect, and encouragement for our family of vendors, subs, and service providers.  

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