Unknowingly Humble

The definition of humility is the quality of not thinking you are better than other people. I recently heard a great sermon about humility from a biblical perspective. The biblical definition of humility is: to know who God is, and who I am, in relationship to God and others. Here are a few thoughts on practicing this kind of humility:

1) The funny thing about humility is that if you think you're humble, you're not. Said another way, we should ask God to make us humble, but never thank him for it.  

2) A humble leader is a permanent servant. If they understand who they are in relation to God and others, they are dedicated to serving God, and dedicated to serving those whom God has put within their circle of influence. A humble leader does not think he is above those whom he leads, but rather, he knows he is below them.

3) When one practices true humility, anxiety and worry will disappear. When you know who you are in relation to God, worry and anxiety would be a lack of faith. 

Robert Woodruff, Harry Truman, and Ronald Reagan all shared a favorite quote, "There is no limit to where someone can go, or what they can accomplish, if they don't mind who gets the credit." Their love of this quote proves that they all practiced biblical humility and understood who they were in relation to God and others. Giving God and others all of the credit is a natural way to serve them. So I guess the prayer for humility is, "God grant me humility, but don't ever let me know it."

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