The Pass Key To Opportunity

Initiative can be defined as the unique quality that prompts a person to do that which ought to be done without being told to do it. When it comes to initiative, there are four classes of people:

1) Those who do the right thing without being told. This class is always the most successful and prosperous. They have made a habit of NOT procrastinating until tomorrow something that could be done today. They have also made a point to not only understand the power of initiative, they eat, sleep, and breathe it.   

2) Those who do the right thing when they are told once. Those in this class are typically very reliable employees and team members. The only thing that keeps them from Class 1 is the self confidence to act on their own intuition.  

3) Those who do the right thing only when necessity kicks them in the butt. This class is never recognized in a positive light, is typically not paid much, and then always wonders why. 

4) Those who won't do the right thing even when someone shows them what to do and stays to try and see it through to fruition. This group is typically jobless or hops from one job to the next.  

If you take a minute and think about a few different people you know with varying levels of success, you will quickly see that you can influence your own destiny by determining which class you want to be in. Class 1 initiative is the pass key to the door of opportunity. If you take the initiative to be Class 1, it will become so attractive to others that you won't have to worry about the door of opportunity opening, your challenge will be choosing which open door to walk through.  

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