Knowledge "Can Be" Power

Our current education system has focused heavily on imparting knowledge through instruction and the memorization of information. Although this may be important, I believe we are missing out on the other key component of a well-rounded education: personal experience. You can become a walking encyclopedia of knowledge without possessing any power of value. Knowledge only becomes powerful to the extent that it is organized, classified, and put into action. Here are a few thoughts on organizing knowledge into power through a well-rounded education:

1) The word educate has its roots in the Latin word educo, which means to develop from within; to educe, to draw out, to grow through the law of use. A real education is development from within, of the human mind, through unfoldment and use. When it comes to the conventional form of acquiring knowledge, don't just memorize, make sure you understand the lesson so you can use it to develop your mind.  

For example, it doesn't do any good to memorize the series of events that led to the Great Depression. What matters is that you understand them and draw out the principles learned so they can be applied to your own life.  

2) The second form of knowledge can be acquired by your own process of gathering, organizing, and classifying facts through personal experience. I think the emphasis of education should be shifted to focus more on the knowledge gained through personal experience. This is the most powerful form of education because this is the knowledge that you remember. 

For example, I could not tell you a single fact from my last test in college, but I can tell you vividly about things I experienced as a five year old.  

Power comes from maximizing these two forms of knowledge, and then organizing them into action.  A well-rounded education will allow you to accomplish what you want, when you want it.  Henry Ford's schooling only went as far as elementary school, but he was arguably one of the most educated men in the world because he was the most effective at that time in organizing his own knowledge and the knowledge of those around him into world-changing action. 

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