Work For Joy

We have all heard that no one on their deathbed wishes they had worked more in their life. You typically hear that you should spend more time doing things that bring joy, love, and happiness.  Since work is a huge part of anyone's life, I think we should strive to make our work something that creates joy, love, and happiness. Recently, I have watched one of our team members excel at a whole new level by intentionally shifting their time and energy towards activities that they truly enjoy. This has taught me a few lessons on how to make work for joy:

1) Creating joy at work can only be accomplished if you are doing things that you are good at.  You have to play to your strengths. If you are playing to your strengths, you can end each day with that necessary sense of accomplishment that we all so desperately need.

2) Identifying and shifting your time and energy towards things you are good at is not something that happens over night. It may take some soul-searching, as well as an intentional effort to slowly work in that direction. We must each take responsibility for our own destiny because there is no one else that can figure this one out for us. 

3) Loving the people you work with is similar to loving your family. It's not supposed to be easy, but you can do it and will get more out of your work experience if you do. 

For any company to accomplish something great, we all know that it begins and ends with culture. My goal is to build a company culture that creates joy, love, and happiness so I can say that I wish I had worked more. 

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