Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

In learning from many of my heroes, I have noticed that there is one thing that all extremely successful people do really well. They create a routine each day that sets them up to make each day their masterpiece. That routine typically begins in the morning to make sure that this necessary routine is not disturbed by the distractions that typically pop up throughout the day.  Here are a few things that most routines include:

1) Their routines typically start in the morning, but not necessarily at 4am. All that matters is that you give yourself enough undisturbed time to make it through each task you want to accomplish. 

2) Most routines include some form of cardio to get the blood flowing. This could be anything from a 20 minute walk to an intense round of Cross Fit.  What matters most is to find a cardio program that works for you and is sustainable. I have found that a lighter, less time-consuming workout is much more sustainable as part of a daily routine than an hour of P90X. 

3) Every morning routine should include a healthy breakfast. A glass of water with lemon juice, followed by a little cardio, followed by a healthy breakfast is a great way to get started. Make sure that your meal includes natural foods and excludes processed sugars or breads that will make you crash later. 

4) Most morning routines include reading, prayer, meditation, and reflection. This time usually includes making a plan for the day. This could be very detailed or simply a few goals. Ben Franklin used to make extremely elaborate plans at 4am each day. 

Creating a sustainable consistent routine can be an extremely hard and requires persistence.  Since everyone is very different, I think it is best to customize your routine to fit you. My current routine includes a 5:30am wake up followed by a glass of water with lemon juice. Then I move to 20 minutes of walking, jump rope, and weights while the coffee is brewing. Once complete, I move to 20 minutes of reading the Bible while enjoying a NutriBullet fruit smoothie, a cup of coffee, and natural vitamins. Then I wrap things up with 10 minutes of prayer, reflection, and planning the day.  

This one hour is a continued work-in-progress, but has really helped to make sure I am at my best when the day begins. Most importantly, it is one I have found I can stick to each morning. I hope you can learn from some of my heroes and form a morning routine that will make each day your masterpiece. 

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