Sunday Post: Raise Your Flag

Flags are used as a symbol that delivers a message to those that observe it.  For example, at the Olympics, the athletes from each country proudly represent their countries flag to draw attention to and deliver a message about what their nation stands for.  

The American Flag is a symbol that delivers a message about our history, our values and what we stand for as a nation.  The American flag tells a story about the greatest and most successful experiment in the history of mankind.  It stands for the freedom to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It also stands for freedom from oppression and tyranny.  

Not only does a flag tell a story about history and values, it can also be used to deliver a specific message. For example, you can always tell if the Queen is present by the flag that is flown above the Buckingham palace.  If the flag known as the "Royal Standard" is flown, you know that the Queen is in residence.

I believe our faith, values and the way that we outwardly present ourselves should represent our flag.  When someone looks at us, observes how we treat others and how we carry ourselves they should have a deep understanding of our history, our faith, our values and what we stand for.  

Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. - James 2:17

I challenge you to accompany your faith with action.  Your faith and your values should be your flag, that drives the way that you outwardly present yourself and treat others.  And similar to the "Standard Royal" flag at Buckingham palace, when people observe your flag, they should immediately know who resides inside and what you stand for.   

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