Your Greatest Impact

Jack Clark, the rugby coach at the University of California, has the best long term record in intercollegiate sports.  In his 31 years as coach, he has one 22 National Championships.  Here are a few of his thoughts on culture, values and leadership:

"We as a team are our values.  We use them daily as a touchstone to help inform every decision we make. We process every piece of team operations through these beliefs. We are indeed grateful and truly believe we are not owed a thing.  Our team always comes first and this fact informs every strategy and policy.  Getting better, improving, is the driving force within the team. We cherish merit and celebrate toughness.  We believe leadership is an ability and responsibility for all.  Our definition of leadership is the ability to make those around you better and more productive."

My biggest takeaway and action item here is to understand that leadership is an ability and responsibility for all of us.  No matter who you are, there is someone out there that can benefit from your leadership, mentorship and your example.  Think about impact in terms of each individual that you help.  It doesn't matter if it is one person or one thousand people, focus on your impact with one person at a time.  And remember that your greatest impact may not be something that you do.  Your greatest impact could be realized through the actions of someone that you raise, encourage, lead or mentor.  

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