The Good Life

Johnathan Fields founded the "Good Life Project."  He is on a quest to help people live more connected, meaningful and vital lives. He encourages people to be open to the possibility that there is something better out there for them and something more that they can contribute to the world.  Here are a few thoughts on his philosophy:

1) Their business model is based on "How do I serve and delight our customers."  This philosophy has them miles ahead of competitive health centers which are focused on revenue per square ft. 

2) They encourage people to re-think what is possible for their lives.  They point out that we are all wired to strive for certainty, but we can't have it.   If we dedicate our life to chasing certainty it will put an end to exploration, challenge and possibility.  We should go for the uncertain which is filled with growth.  

3) Their are three buckets that must be adequately filled in order to live a good life.  Connection with others, vitality of body and mind and contribution (how you bring your unique gifts to the world).

If you want to live "The Good Life" you must do the work to really understand who you are and how you need to express yourself, and then align your actions to be consistent with that person.  

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