Dreams with Work Clothes On

Setting goals is the practical step that allows you to convert your dreams into reality.   This is where we leave theory and move to practical.  This is where we leave strategy and move to tactical.  Goals convert vision into energy and passion.  When it comes to goal setting, Zig Ziglar always mentions what he calls "the wheel of life."  This wheel has spokes that represent each area of our lives, and for our lives to be successful as a whole we must address each area.  The spokes are as follows:

1) Career

2) Financial

3) Spiritual

4) Physical

5) Intellectual

6) Family

7) Social

Once you determine what you want to accomplish in each area, Dave Ramsey says that any goal that works has five key components:

1&2)  Goals must be specifics AND measurable.  A vague goal is not a goal, it's a wish.  

3) Goals must have a specific time limit.  A time limit creates a required sense of urgency. 

4) Goals must be YOUR Goals.  If a goal does not come from one of your dreams then you won't have the toughness or perseverance to see it through.  

5) Goals must be in writing.  Writing it down begins the process of burning the goal in your subconscious brain.  The more you read it, the more likely it becomes a reality.  

Goals are dreams and visions with work clothes on.  If you want your dreams to turn into reality, creating the right kind of goals is the absolute best place to start.

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